Our Environment

The environment we offer is very special

It’s not just one ‘thing’ that makes us unique, in fact a combination of many ‘things’ have given us an exceptional local reputation. Our facilities alone are great, however when you combine these with our dedicated management team who have worked together at the nursery for over 10 years, the extensive range of activities and the freshly cooked meals prepared on-site, we offer an exceptional environment for children.

“Children arrive at the setting happy and keen to participate. They quickly learn the daily routines and enthusiastically take part in the full range of activities provided. They move freely and confidently between the indoor and outdoor environments, making choices of activities and interacting well with both staff and their peers.” OFSTED, 2009

Age specific spaces

Each age-group have a dedicated area that has been carefully designed with their learning, development and hygiene needs in mind.

Meadows (Babies)

Babies start at Jubilee from 3 months and often at an age where they and their parents are still coming to grips with their new world. For this reason, the baby rooms are run with a very flexible routine which fits entirely around the baby’s needs. This approach enables an extension to their home routine and offers comfort and consistency to both baby and parents.

Divided by age and development phase we have 3 baby groups (Bluebells, Poppies and Woodpeckers), each with a calm, relaxing atmosphere and secluded sleeping area to help our youngest children feel safe and secure as they become more familiar with the world around them.

Activities such as baby sensory helps children gain skills in rhythm and beat and toys available give the opportunity for babies to explore their senses, develop their curiosity and as they get older, develop social play and early language skills.
The babies have their own food/milk preparation area and nappy changing facility.

In the warmer months and dry weather the babies love to play in their ‘Daffodil Garden’. They have a safe and enclosed area to enjoy the fresh air, discover grass and flowers, play with toys and look with intrigue at our resident donkeys.

Woodlands (Toddlers - 2 Years)

This is a lively area where the children have access to a range of activities to develop their natural curiosity and interest in the world around them. The Woodlands children are divided into two groups, (Badgers and Hedgehogs).

Within their area the children will enjoy (very) messy play, creative activities, singing, soft play/climbing, role-play (dressing up/home -corner), 'Stretch-n-Grow' as well as mealtimes and a quiet time each day where the children rest ready for an energy busting afternoon. Woodlands not only have their own cooled sleep room where matresses are laid out on the floor after lunch they also have a dedicated bathroom area for nappy changing, as well as being able to access toddler friendly toilet facilities ready for any of the children.

Our toddlers have great fun exploring the great outdoors. They make daily trips outside to visit the farm animals, climbing, sing, draw or just explore.

Orchards (2 - 3 Year Olds)

Our Orchard is divided into 2 groups (Ladybirds and Bumblebees) who enjoy messy play, creating roles for one-another, building and discovering. The children are encouraged to further explore the world around them and they are introduced to concepts such as a healthy lifestyle. Each week, the children take part in a ‘Stretch-n-Grow’ session which is provided by a professional in music and movement for 2 year olds.

Our team in this room are very supportive as the children start to use their toilet facilities with a little more ease and become more aware of personal hygiene. There is quiet time and space for the children to relax and enjoy a nap to recharge their batteries!

Playing and learning outside is a daily activity for our two year olds. They can enjoy the Sensory garden, where they can discover different colours, texture and bug-life, explore the woods, visit the farm animals, climb, slide, dig in the sand, bounce on the trampoline and run races in the paddock.

Treetops (Pre-School)

Fully equipped for the most demanding of pre-school children, this is an open-plan area designed to promote and encourage independence. We divide Treetops children into two age groups (Tawny Owls and Snowy Owls) where they can participate in specific age-related activities. Snowy Owls are able to free-flow between indoor and their enclosed garden area.

The children are actively encouraged to make their own choices, decisions and learning through experimentation. We have an Early Years Practitioner who works with small groups on a regular basis. She introduces the children to literacy, numeracy and phonics as well as French giving them excellent preparation for big school.

Outdoor learning is a huge part of Treetops life – with regular visits to the woods, stream and farm as well as being able to play outside every day (they especially love splashing in the rain and discovering the properties of snow!). Children able to free flow into our sensory garden where they are occasionally supported by our gardener to plant seeds, harvest and eat their own crops. In addition, each child participates in our 'Forest School Learning' programme and spends time baking in our on-site 'Mud Kitchen'.

Forest School Learning

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With Forest School Learning activities the children love the opportunity to show their independence and enjoy seeing what they have achieved or made during their woodland adventure.

What People Say

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We've got some fantastic feedback! Find out what Jubilee Nursery parents have been saying about the Nursery Shool and their child's experience here with us.

Creative Play

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Nothing reinforces the creative spirit and nourishes a child's soul more than providing time to engage in spontaneous, self-directed play. Play is the serious business of young children and to do so freely is vital to healthy development.

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