Our mealtimes go far beyond just fulfilling the child's physical needs for nourishment!

Whether it's a quick snack or a hearty lunch, we believe in the importance of using mealtimes as a possitive and fun experience for the children.

Our on-site Cook, Dawn, creates a varied and balanced menu consisting of Breakfast, morning snack, a hot lunch with pudding and tea. She prepares everything daily in our purpose built kitchen. We have a rich variety of foods including many dishes from around the world which further enhances the children’s understanding of a greater environment.

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Once fully weaned, babies enjoy our home-cooked food along with all other nursery children.

By sitting at a table with their peers (or the babies alongside one another in high chairs), the children have a valuable learning experience during this time. From an early age they are introduced to sharing, making choices and saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. As we are totally in control of the ingredients used in our dishes, we are easily able to adapt menus for special dietary needs. The nursery has a nut-free policy and does not use any nuts in its dishes however we are unable to 100% guarantee that we are nut-free. There is no added salt or sugar put in to our food.

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Children feel a sense of satisfaction as they help to prepare their Friday afternoon tea.

All mealtimes are calm and relaxed. Creating a time for the children and their team to enjoy each other’s company as well as provide time for the staff to support, guide and encourage the children’s independence and self-help skills. The children are also encouraged to talk about their morning and learn many other important skills including social skills, decision making and self-selection.

Forest School Learning

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With Forest School Learning activities the children love the opportunity to show their independence and enjoy seeing what they have achieved or made during their woodland adventure.

What People Say

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We've got some fantastic feedback! Find out what Jubilee Nursery parents have been saying about the Nursery Shool and their child's experience here with us.

Creative Play

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Nothing reinforces the creative spirit and nourishes a child's soul more than providing time to engage in spontaneous, self-directed play. Play is the serious business of young children and to do so freely is vital to healthy development.

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