Nursery dons denim for charity

Children and staff at Jubilee Day Nursery and Jubilee Gems in Padworth pulled on their best jeans for a fundraising day on Friday 18 September for genetic disorders in the UK. A scarecrow made by children and staff, which was exhibited in the Education Tent at the Royal Berkshire Show and parents, staff and children were presented with the challenge of filling the scarecrow’s legs with change for charity. Over £100 was donated which contributes to nearly £2,500 raised since the beginning of the year by Jubilee for a number of charities.

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Lesley Thompson, Senior Nursery Manager said, “We all inherit a range of talents, skills and personality traits through our genes – they’re part of what makes us who we are. But 1 in 25 children also inherit a genetic disorder that makes their life very difficult. This is a positive and fun opportunity for our children at Jubilee to start to understand and accept the differences that make us all unique and do something to help fund the vital care and support services that transform lives.”

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Forest School Learning

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With Forest School Learning activities the children love the opportunity to show their independence and enjoy seeing what they have achieved or made during their woodland adventure.

What People Say

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Creative Play

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Nothing reinforces the creative spirit and nourishes a child's soul more than providing time to engage in spontaneous, self-directed play. Play is the serious business of young children and to do so freely is vital to healthy development.

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