The Queen's 90th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Ma’am! With love from the children at Jubilee

Grandparents and nursery children celebrate The Queen’s 90th birthday

Last Thursday children from Jubilee Day Nursery and Jubilee Gems Nursery in Padworth held very special events on Thursday 21st April in celebration of The Queen’s 90th birthday. Over eighty grandparents along their grandchildren sat down to a picnic lunch or an afternoon tea resplendent in red, white and blue and regal clothing. Afterwards they enjoyed traditional garden games in the paddock, went on a treasure hunt and shared special time together decorating biscuits and making crowns.

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Nanny Nora Edwards, 97, said, “I think the day has been lovely and everyone has gone to so much effort. It’s a really nice gesture to do something for The Queen’s birthday with the children. I remember The Queen being born when I was a little girl.”

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Lesley Thompson, Senior Nursery Manager, said:”the children have been very excited in the build-up to this special day and to be able to share it with grandparents meant a great deal to them. We have been talking about the monarchy and how lucky we are to have our Queen who works so hard for the country.” The children now plan to write a letter to The Queen and send her some photographs of the day and pictures which they created for their very own royal art gallery.

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Drew, aged 4, said: “We are having a party because she’s The Queen and she’s married to Phillip and she’s going to be ninety. We drew a picture of her and made a crown and we are going to send it to her.”

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