The move to ‘big school’ – little learners celebrate their success

Children due to leave Jubilee Day Nursery to start primary school in September took part in their very own graduation ceremony on Saturday with sister nursery, Jubilee Gems. Each child was dressed in a cap and gown which were hand-sewn by dedicated staff.

Jubilee Day Nursery graduates 

An emotional day - filled with laughter, fun and a few tears from the parents, nearly 100 children collected certificates and a ‘goodie bag’ which included a T-shirt with class self-portraits and a graduation photograph. The children said goodbye to friends in a very special outdoor ceremony in front of nearly 400 proud parents, grandparents and siblings. The family fun day had a host of activities on offer including a barbecue, face painting, traditional garden games, giant sand pit and bouncy castle.

Fran and David neal with Daughter Holly for web 

Jubilee parent, Martin Grisley thanked the staff and said, “it was a wonderful day that will stay with us forever. We really couldn’t have found a better nursery for our children.”

From L to R graduates Phoebe Johnson and Tillie Hepworth 

Another parent, Clare Jones, said “it really was another amazing memory to add to the Jubilee bank. A big thank you to the staff for making it so special.”

From top to bottom Drew Phillips Lizzie Mulhall and Isla Noth

Lesley Thompson, Jubilee Day Nursery’s manager said “Most of the children who graduated have been in our care since they were just a few months old and over the years, they have had so many wonderful adventures with us. We will miss them all terribly but know that they are well-prepared for school and will continue to flourish.”

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