Winter Wonderland Walk 2014

On Friday, Jubilee Day Nursery and Jubilee Gems, had their annual Winter Wonderland Walk, where children’s parents, siblings and grandparents joined us for a walk through Jubilee’s farmland, down to our private woodland area, affectionately known as Roughwood.


Fluer Hunt and Staff



The children enjoyed meeting Santa, finding their Christmas decorations hidden amongst the trees as well as the snow machine.


Evelyn Cox


There was hot chocolate and mince pies so everyone could enjoy a crisp, festive winter’s evening! Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly and all donations raised by the event will go to Cancer Research UK and Save the Children.


Luke Fulford


Thank you to everyone who attended. With your help and donations we raised a further £300 for Cancer Research.

He's Behind You


Jack and the Beanstalk photo

Last Thursday the Jubilee Day Nursery was treated to a visit from Pyramid Pantomimes for the second year running, this time they performed Jack and the Beanstalk.


A version specifically tailored for our pre-school aged children.


The pantomime was a huge success, with all children from Treetops, Orchards as well as Sapphires from Jubilee Gems in attendance.Everyone was thoroughly entertained.

Cycling to Success at Summer School

It is time to say a fond farewell to all our children moving on to big school. After many years at Jubilee Day Nursery and Jubilee Gems, our children spent a fun filled 6 weeks in Jubilees’ Summer School enjoying Circus Week, Pirates and Princesses Week and Science Week. They were even surprised by visits from both the Thames Valley Police and the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service as part of our People Who Help Us Week on the last day.

 Summer School Cycling 1

Our Summer School aims to prepare the children for the transition to Primary School. The encouraging of self-help and further independence through self-registration, getting ready for PE and bringing a packed meal. Staff also use this enjoyable time to further develop phonics teaching and so much more.

Summer School Cycling 3

We also teach the children how to ride their bikes safely. Children arrive with stabilisers on bikes, helmets on their heads and looks of determination on their faces. They then begin to ride around our large paddock, with the Summer School crew close behind. They quickly gain confidence… 
Summer School Cycling 2

Before anyone knew it 25 pairs of stabilisers were off and the crew couldn’t keep up! A proud moment and a happy last memory of Jubilee for staff, parents and children alike. 

Jubilee goes pink for Breast Cancer

Last week, Jubilee raised £400.00 for breast cancer. On Thursday 23rd October and Friday 24th October we held a cake auction and on the Friday we participated in Wear it Pink. All the money raised will be split equally between Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign.

 Website 2

The cake auction took place online as well as in the nursery, selling off wonderful donated cakes to the highest bidder. Smaller cakes were also donated and sold throughout the two days for a donation into the various collection tubs placed around the nursery.

 Website 3

Thank you very much everybody who took time to make the cakes as well as everyone who bought them. You helped make this event a success we will no doubt repeat. 

Jubilee Jets in a video near you - soon!

On Wednesday the 6th of August 2014 Jubilee Jets welcomed Brian Smith, a professional videographer, who joined them for the day.

The weather could not have been better. By nine o’clock the clouds were parting and by 10 the children were leaving their coats behind as they began their walk towards the woods.

Jets Video Shoot 4

Once they had made it to the farm, there was a quick pit-stop, for those aged 6 and above, to have a go on the quad bikes. The older ones went first to show the younger ones how to enjoy them and then it was the younger ones turn. Whilst waiting to strap into the helmet, put on the safety waist-cord and then hop onto the machines the excitement began to kick in whilst the speeds were adjusted to suit first timers. The nerves didn’t last long though, with the quad bikes movement on the first lap having been a little jerky and erratic, the newcomers found their stride and were instantly going around with concentration and enjoyment on their faces in equal measure. They had made it!  

The choice now belonged to the children, stay on the quad bikes or build dens? It was quite an even split so the decision was quick. Children who were waiting their turn on the quad bikes stayed with some staff whilst everyone else went down to the woods, into the shade. After a quick snack around the fire pit, the den building teams were picked and the competition began. Children of all ages guiding and helping each other to try and make the strongest, prettiest, driest and most comfortable den. Each child took it in turns to give directions. All taking time and effort in the dens growth from tree branch to sheltered hide-out.

Suddenly the children who had stayed on the quad bikes appeared and the excitement of sharing each other’s experiences took over the need for competition and children started to show each other around their dens, with everyone suggesting improvements and lending a hand. The concentration only broken by the whisper of ‘stream’ to which all the children’s ears perked and all that came before was forgotten.

 Jets Video Shoot 3

Children hurried down to the stream, most not knowing what they wanted to do first. Was it to make a damn? Look for bugs? Or splash in the water? From the moment the children got to the stream until their stomach rumbles were becoming audible, nobody wanted to be the first to leave, or the last to jump off of the bridge and make the biggest splash.

Eventually, at the mention of lunch, the children begin to flag. With one last effort the staff and children made it back up to the quad bikes and their high visibility jackets, then on to Ark House for lunch.

After devouring their lunches in the cool shade of the trees, the children shared stories with those who did not fancy the trip to the woods on their day at Jets. After energy levels were restored the children began to play football, swing on the swings or have a go at archery. Those who had had enough of the heat headed inside, either to play with the toys, or to do some arts and crafts. Some seeking out staff for rather spectacular face paint make-overs.

Jets Video Shoot 2 

When everybody had relaxed, either outside in the sun or inside in the shade, it seemed it was time for a game of dodgeball. A Jets favourite. Those that joined in were whooping and hollering whilst the others chose to carry on relaxing after a long hot day.

We think that it is safe to say that everyone found lots to do and many memories, as well as friends, were made.

Jets Video Shoot 1

Forest School Learning

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With Forest School Learning activities the children love the opportunity to show their independence and enjoy seeing what they have achieved or made during their woodland adventure.

What People Say

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We've got some fantastic feedback! Find out what Jubilee Nursery parents have been saying about the Nursery Shool and their child's experience here with us.

Creative Play

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Nothing reinforces the creative spirit and nourishes a child's soul more than providing time to engage in spontaneous, self-directed play. Play is the serious business of young children and to do so freely is vital to healthy development.

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