Facilities / Grounds

Outdoor education draws upon the philosophy, theory, and practices of experiential and environmental education.

The outdoor facilities we have allow each child, regardless of their age or development stage, to connect with nature, be more active and enjoy the fresh air. Using the outdoors in this way, the children become more engaged with their learning, develop their social skills and most importantly have great fun!

Our Woodland

“Roughwood” is our area of beautiful woodland situated in safe walking distance of the nursery building. Children of all ages visit the woods, although our older pre-school children do visit more frequently than our babies and toddlers. As the seasons change, the woods become a whole new world of discovery:

  • In spring... the Bluebells erupt, covering the woods with a stunning blanket of colour. Who can count the most bluebells?
  • In summer... The stream glistens and the trees provide an excellent natural sun-shade and mini beasts are out in full force!
  • In autumn... Golden shades of yellow, vibrant reds and orange leaves fall to the ground ready for a craft project of glittering, painting, sewing or cutting.
  • In winter... The campfire is lit and the woods come alive with Carols and a special visit from Father Christmas.

Children love to climb on logs and trees, build and hide in dens, make wands and swords from sticks, go fishing in the stream, go swinging, watch the pigs getting muddy, collect ‘treasures’, act out a story... the adventure never ends.

Our Gardens

With hard and soft landscaping, our garden areas are an exciting place to be. The gardens have been designed to encourage natural curiosity and exploration. Each area is well-equipped for a specific age group and to provide a range of experiences.

Children can discover and experiment with lots of natural materials; sand, water, plants, grass, flowers and compost. Discovering bug-life in the garden opens a world of wonder and becomes a great basis for discussion – What is the mini beast called? What colour is it? What does it eat? Has it got legs? How many?

Children have the opportunity to plant seeds and watch as these grow. They learn that plants need sunlight and they help water them so that they grow big and strong. The older children participate in harvesting their crop in the vegetable garden and are always very excited when it comes to eating the fruit and vegetables – it’s a great way to get children interested in and eating fresh food!

Our Animals

A firm favourite of any Jubilee Nursery child are the donkeys, especially when it’s time to take a carrot to feed them! Living in the paddock at the nursery entrance, each morning they receive a warm welcome from lots of happy children.

We have a number of chickens who are kind enough to lay us fresh eggs for use in the nursery. Some have been rescued from battery farms but many we have hatched ourselves.
The children find it hilarious when they see the ducks splashing in their pool, or the goats racing from one end of the paddock to another.

In the woods, we have our 2 Gloucester Old Spot pigs, Stella and Primrose. They enjoy the attention provided by the children and have a generous fenced area to wallow amongst the Maple trees.

Our cattle are viewed from a distance however our sheep are very social and can’t resist giving the children a welcome ‘bleat’ from time to time.

Forest School Learning

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With Forest School Learning activities the children love the opportunity to show their independence and enjoy seeing what they have achieved or made during their woodland adventure.

What People Say

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We've got some fantastic feedback! Find out what Jubilee Nursery parents have been saying about the Nursery Shool and their child's experience here with us.

Creative Play

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Nothing reinforces the creative spirit and nourishes a child's soul more than providing time to engage in spontaneous, self-directed play. Play is the serious business of young children and to do so freely is vital to healthy development.

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